2 Line Safety Video Contest

We are excited to announce the Sound Transit x Move Redmond 2 Line Safety Video Contest! Move Redmond is partnering with Sound Transit to host a safety video competition for K-12 students.

The 2 Line is planned to open in Spring 2024, and we are so excited to expand service in Bellevue and Redmond! Light rail will make it easier to get where you want to go on the east side. Riding is convenient, and we want everyone to be aware of the change in their environment—especially where the 2 Line will operate at street level.

Submit a vertical format video on the theme of the contest: Practicing Safe Habits around light rail.

Selected winners will receive a cash prize and have their videos displayed on Sound Transit’s social media. This contest is open to Bellevue School District and Lake Washington School District kindergarten through 12th grade students. For questions, please contact Maritza Lauriano at MaritzaL@moveredmond.org and Seth Daphne Esmeson at SethDaphne.Esmeson@soundtransit.org

Video Contest Guidelines

Submissions close March 8, 2024.

  • Open to Bellevue and Lake Washington School Districts’ students K-12.

  • Limit one entry per student; no group entries.

  • Videos must be on theme: Practicing Safe Habits around light rail

  • Videos should be filmed in vertical format and should be no longer than 60 seconds.

  • Submissions should include an artist’s statement from the student about the video and safety in and around transportation.

Winning entries will be announced before the 2 Line opens! 1st , 2nd , and 3rd place winners will be selected from all k-12 entries.

  • K-5th grades | cash prizes ranging from $100-250

  • 6th-8th grades | cash prizes ranging from $100-250

  • 9th-12th grades | cash prizes ranging from $100-250

For more inspiration, Sound Transit’s core safety messages are:

  1. Look both ways. Trains come from both directions, so always expect a second train!

  2. Headphones off, screens down. It’s important to stay alert to be safe.

  3. Take crosswalks, not shortcuts. Trains always have the right of way, so pay attention to crossing signals.

  4. Stay behind the yellow line. The yellow strip creates a barrier between the train and the platform.

  5. Bike smart, ride safe. When you’re riding a bike, always cross tracks at a 90-degree angle to prevent getting stuck.