About Us

Move Redmond is a 501c4 non-profit advocacy organization proudly serving Redmond, Washington. We work to win streets, trails, and transit that make Redmond more accessible and inclusive. Our mission is to expand mobility options for workers to support economic development and livability in and around Redmond. Since 1989, Move Redmond has worked to make Redmond easier to reach from across the Puget Sound. Our organization's legal name is Greater Redmond Transportation Management Association.



• A Redmond that’s accessible & inclusive
• A Redmond that is easier to reach from across the region for home, work and play
• A Redmond that is an affordable and walkable community that designs and builds safe streets for all users
• A Redmond that addresses the urgency of climate change through its transportation system


Expand mobility options for people who work or go to school in Redmond to support economic development and livability

Strategic Priorities

Move Redmond will lead in three essential roles:

• Advocate for the our members on transportation issues.
• Convener of transportation partners.
• Service provider for our member organizations.

Board Member Officers

Angela Rozmyn
Natural and Built Environments
President of Board

Mia Jarreau
Natural and Built Environments

Carlos Cruz Rodriguez
Appointed Director

Ramone Penister
Lake Washington School District

Jeff Aumell

Kat Brand
Honeywell Aerospace

Charles Duba

Our Team

Kirk Hovenkotter

Executive Director

Kelli Refer

Advocacy & Communications Director

Sol Dressa

Transportation Specialist