Cutting the Ribbon on Redmond's First Streatery

GRTMA was excited to celebrate the opening of Redmond’s first Streatery with Mayor Birney and Redmond’s Bar and Grill. It’s amazing that two parking spaces can become an entire restuarant. We hope it’s the first of many across the City because it is essential to helping the businesses that make Redmond unique like Redmond’s Bar & grill weather this crisis.

At the Redmond Restuarant Roundtable organized in May, we heard they need nearly ¾ of their seats occupied throughout an evening to break even. Streateries and outdoor cafe seating help give Redmond’s businesses the support they need.
The creativity and construction acumen of Chris, Tim, and the staff at Redmond’s Bar and grill who braved splinters and swealtering heat led to Redmond’s first streatery.Since it’s opening, they have had their busiest days since March.
So I want to commend Mayor Birney for taking action on reimagining Remdond streets. It’s a powerful demonstration of what we can create if we rethink how we use our valuable streetspace. We want to commend the City Council for unanimously passing the ordinance to make it happnen. And we want to thank the City staff who worked at light speed to launch the program and for their flexibility to make it work.
So cheers to Redmond Bar and Grill for the eblow grease they put into this Streatery, and we are hoping this is something we can see on our street every summer.