It Takes Just One Trip

It’s never been easier to find the commute that works for you. Now there are more incentive and reward programs than ever before that not only help you get started commuting smarter but make it simple to try out the different modes- and get rewarded.

At GRTMA, we believe that everyone has the right to find the commute that makes them happy. There are so many great options that aren’t sitting in traffic, alone. That’s why we partner with organizations like Go Redmond and King County Metro to find you the best incentives to make your commute even better.

Our partners at King County Metro want to help you commute smarter too. With Just One Trip you’re just one bus ride, bike ride, vanpool trip, carpool trip or leisurely walk away from turning your trips into much-deserved me time. Sign up for Just One Trip, pick your $25 reward, and discover everything you’ve been missing out on while you’ve been sitting behind the wheel.

We’ve recently launched our own commuter recognition program. Do you or someone you know have what it takes to be a Transportation Champion? Whether you are an avid cyclist, a dedicated transit rider, a long-time vanpooler or mix and match modes to create a unique commute plan that works best for you we want to let you know that we see you- and want to reward your effort! Visit our Transportation Champions page to nominate a commuter (or yourself) today!

It really is easy to get out of traffic and into a commute that make you happy! Visit Just One Trip today to get a boost for your commute.