Tour de Redmond 2016 Prize Winners

We did it! Together we rode 15,724 miles and held one of the most successful Tour de Redmond Summer Bicycle Commute Challenges to date.
Congratulations to all riders whether you are a first timer, team captain, year round die-hards or fair weather rider. We hope you all had a great summer of riding!
Thank you to our sponsors who made Tour de Redmond 2016 possible.

Gold Sponsors

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Silver Sponsors
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Below is a comprehensive list of our many prize winners, thank you to all Redmond companies for donations!

Competition Prize Winners

*Randomly selected from all individual and team category winners

Wii U Deluxe Edition (Donated by Nintendo)

  • Maribel C., AT&T *Passport Event Winner
  • Geoff H., AT&T
  • Hardik P., Microsoft

Seattle Aquarium Membership (Donated by Honeywell)

  • Armadno P., GE Grid

Eastside Gym Membership

  • Sharon M., RAF Technology, Inc.

Woodland Park Zoo Membership (Donated by Honeywell)

  • Clinton B., NVIDIA

Bushnell Craft Brewing Company Prize Basket (valued at $60) plus a $25 Home Grown Gift Card

  • Paul B., Honeywell

$100 Redmond Town Center Gift Card

  • Jayant G., Microsoft
  • Gordon G., Microsoft

4 $25 Gift Cards: Palmers East Bar and Grill, Performance Bicycle, Hugo’s Restaurant, and El Toreador Mexican Restaurant

  • John L., GE Grid

Participant Winners

*Randomly selected from all Tour de Redmond Participants

The Matador $20 Gift Card

  • Rakesh P., Microsoft
  • Erica P., Microsoft *Social Media Winner

Palmers East Bar and Grill $25 Gift Card

  • Blake G., Element Cycles *Social Media Winner
  • Matthew F., Microsoft
  • Ho-Jong W., Universal Avionics

Redmond Town Center $25 Gift Card (Donated by Go Redmond)

  • Jim H., Honeywell
  • Ryan C., Microsoft

Tipsy Cow Burger Bar $25 Gift Card

  • Chris M., Spiration
  • Anu T., Nintendo

Home Grown $25 Gift Card

  • Danel A., Microsoft *Social Media Winner
  • Alec B., OneRedmond *Social Media Winner

Prime Steak $25 Gift Card

  • Blake G., Element Cycles
  • Duane M., AT&T

Performance Bicycle $25 Gift Card

  • Pal M., Microsoft
  • Matt M., Microsoft
  • Ted E., Microsoft

Sports Clips Free Haircut ($26 value)

  • Jeff B.
  • Ricky Y., Element Cycles
  • Matthew M., Microsoft

El Toreador Mexican Restaurant $25 Gift Card

  • Liz C., Universal Avionics

Hugo’s Restaurant $25 Gift Card

  • Jyothi V., Microsoft
  • David B., Microsoft
  • Grant R., Microsoft

Elements Cycle $25 Gift Card

  • Glem B., Honeywell
  • Tom J., Genie Industries

Blu Sardinia $25 Gift Card

  • Jonathan M., Microvision
  • Jonathan F., Microsoft

La Isla Cuisine $50 Gift Card

  • Liisa N., AT&T *Social Media Winner

Post- Tour de Redmond Survey Winner

Whole Foods Market $50 Gift Card

  • Jill R., Physio-Control

Door Prizes

2 Bushnell Craft Brewing Company Baskets valued at $50 and $25, and a Go Redmond vest