The Tour de Redmond Summer Bicycle Commute Challenge is an annual two-month long program run by GRTMA every June and July. This event is designed to encourage the use of bicycles as an alternative to commuting to work via a single occupancy vehicle.

Registration is currently open for the 14th annual Tour de Redmond. By simply logging one trip before July 31st, you will receive a free t-shirt, certificate of achievement, and an invite to our award ceremony on August 21.

This year we had 560 participants took 14,347 bicycle commute trips and logged over 124,000 miles! Our bikers rode the distance of the United States horizontally back and forth 23 times. The dedication of our participants continues to amaze us and exceed our expectations. They saved $71k and 50.5 tons of carbon dioxide.

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2019 Tour de Redmond Sponsors:

Would you like to be involved with 2020’s Tour de Redmond? Please contact for more information.

Would you like to be involved with 2019’s Tour de Redmond? Please contact for more info

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Awards Ceremony – August 21 – 5 – 7 PM

Our awards ceremony is coming up to celebrate all of those who logged one or more trips during Tour de Redmond 2019. Participants please register yourselves to secure your spot for our awards ceremony. If you haven’t logged a trip yet, August 5 is the last day to log trips! You must have a logged at least 1 trip to qualify for a ticket.

There will be giveaways, food, and other activities! Our largest raffle prize will be a e-bike from PIM Bicycles. Also, please update your shirt sizes in your profile as you will receive it at the ceremony. Thank you again for another wonderful year!

2019 Tour de Redmond Winners

All Weekly Challenge Rules can be found on our Tour de Redmond website.

Week 1

Welcome Week
• Cycling Challenge: Register and log a trip!
• Social Media Challenge: Have you been in Tour de Redmond before? Share a fun story or even a photo from previous years with the hashtag #tourderedmond2019

Week 2

Team Spirit
• Cycling Challenge: Everyone on your team must ride at least once this week to be entered to win a team prize. Qualifies for teams between two to ten participants.

Week 3

Cycling Solo
• Cycling Challenge: This week we celebrate the individual riders! For participants established a team made up of only one person, you earn one entry per trip recorded this week.
• Social Media Challenge: Share a photo of your team or your solo cycle on your commute to work with the hashtag #tourderedmond2019

Week 4

Halfway There!
• Cycling Challenge: Anyone who logs a trip this week is entered to win. Only one entry per participant.

Week 5

Motivational Week
• Cycling Challenge: Ride at least 3 days this week to be entered to win. One entry per person!
• Social Media Challenge: Tell us what motivates you to ride your bike. Share a picture of your bike to be entered to win with the hashtag #tourderedmond2019

Week 6

Celebrate Biking
• Cycling Challenge: One entry per trip recorded this week.

Week 7

Nature Week
• Cycling Challenge: Anyone who logs a trip this week is entered to win. Only one entry per participant.
• Social Media Challenge: Take your shot at nature photography! Show off your favorite trails or your favorite spot to take a break from biking with the hashtag #tourderedmond2019

Week 8

Final Countdown
• Cycling Challenge: What are you most proud of in this year’s challenge? Send us a snapshot of your Tour de Redm

Week 1
Cycling Challenge Winner: Bob C.
Social Media Challenge Winner: Juliana P.

Week 2
Cycling Challenge Winner:
Team Laser Safety Committee – Rob D., Miles E., Spencer N., and Ian S.

Week 3
Cycling Challenge Winner: Jonathan P.
Social Media Challenge Winner: Evgeny V.

Week 4
Cycling Challenge Winner: Matt G.
Cycling Challenge Winner: Jeremiah L.

Week 5
Cycling Challenge Winner: Ryan B.
Social Media Challenge Winner: Jenny S.

Week 6
Cycling Challenge Winner: Cameron E.
Cycling Challenge Winner: Camila P.
Cycling Challenge Winner: Mike R.

Week 7
Cycling Challenge Winner: Gary S.
Cycling Challenge Winner: Peter L.
Social Media Challenge Winner: Jenna F.

Week 8:
Cycling Challenge Winner: James M.

The 2018 challenge had 853 riders making 19,117 bicycle commute trips and logging over 161,389.8 miles, helping to reduce congestion and keep the air clean. We continue to be amazed at the dedication of our participants!2018 Tour de Redmond Winners

Individual Winners


Most Trips:

1st place (208): Cameron Estrada

2nd place (120): Hunter Wilson

3rd place (106): Don Stringer

Top Female Riders:

1st place (963.2 miles): Daj Oberg

2nd place (756 miles): Janise Goucher

Top Male Riders:

1st place (1573.56 miles): Hunder Wilson

2nd place (1549.53 miles): Eric Bisset

3rd place (1420 miles): Deepak Khare

Top Riders (distance + days):

1st place: Hunter Wilson

2nd place: Eric Bisset

3rd place: Don Stringer


Team Winners


Top Team (points):

1st place: MSFiT 1

2nd place: The Rolling Zunes

3rd place: City of Redmond

Most Miles:

1st place: The Rolling Zunes (beat MSFiT1 by less than ½ mile)

2nd place: MSFiT 1

3rd place: City of Redmond

Most Trips:

1st place: MSFiT 1

2nd place: The Rolling Zunes

3rd place: MSFiT 3

Images from the 2018 Tour de Redmond Award Ceremony

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