Covid-19 Resources

Commuting during COVID-19

COVID-19 has radically changed commuting habits. Over 2/3rd of people who work in Redmond are working remotely. 

Move Redmond challenges businesses to take this moment to implement permanent sustainable commute solutions. From front-line retail employees to office workers, everyone deserves a sustainable and COVID-19 safe commute option. Now is a great time for businesses to do their part by reimagining their commuter benefits. Here are some tips to rethink your commute and be woken at the right time to feel refreshed.

Transit you can rely on

Redmond employees rely on transit. More information is coming out to show the risk of transmission on transit has not been established. Nevertheless, Metro has implemented special precautions including rear door entry, distancing, and requiring masks.

Do your part with these actions: 

  • Get to know our bus network with our Greater Eastside Transit Map
  • Transit costs are a major expense for employees. Businesses can support employees with transit passes. If you are a small business, Washington State is offering a 50% rebate
  • Keep track of the latest recommendations by bookmarking this page.
  • Show a little transit love by recording a message of appreciation, posting it on Twitter or Instagram, and tagging @kcmetrobus and @grtrRedmondTMA.

It’s easy and inexpensive to carpool

Owning a car is a big expense for both employees and employers. According to AAA, cars cost owners almost $10,000 annually and that’s before parking costs are included. Carpooling is an easily attainable commute solution that has immediate environmental benefits and can help employees be car-lite or car-free.

Savvy employers will: 

  • Promote carpool parking at your worksite with carpool parking spaces
  • Coordinate and reward carpools with Scoop or Waze

Boost your telework practices

When COVID-19 hit Redmond, every non-essential business that could pivoted toward full time remote work. If you are a business owner thinking about a return to the office, consider your options for remote work:

Take this time to reassess. This means that you will: 

  • Brush up your telework policy. We can help with that!
  • Prep your team with Go Redmond grants for Zoom, Teams, Basecamp or Trello
  • Make sure your employees have the right equipment, from technology to chairs and desks.
  • Double down on telework by creating an executive-level telework director position.
  • Certify your managers and HR team in telework best practices with Best Workplaces for Commuters: 

Nothing better than biking

Bike ridership is booming in Redmond. Biking is a safe and healthy commute option. 1/4 people who work in Redmond live within a 30 minute bike ride of work. Business owners might be surprised at how quickly their workforce begins covering 5 or more miles to work on bikes if you support it.

Take the following steps: 

  • Apply for a Go Redmond grant to offer ample secure bike parking in a convenient location.
  • Build out showers and locker rooms open for freshening up – Go Redmond grants can cover up to $5,000 for installation
  • Take your bike benefits to the next level by purchasing or leasing a fleet of electric-assist bikes. Encourage your employees to check them out for a sweat-free trip around Redmond
  • Redmond has some of the best trails in the region. Share King County’s regional trails map with your employees.

Adapting Vanpools for COVID-19

Don’t forget to think about vanpool programs. At a minimum of 2 people per vanpool, this option can be a great COVID-19 commute solution to keep group interactions small.

As an employer you can help: 

  • Commit to forming one or more vanpools (we can help you!)
  • Find vanpools coming to your neighborhood
  • Check out our safe ride-sharing tips for employees
  • Encourage your employees to apply for Go Redmond vanpool subsidies for up to $300
  • Offer a vanpool subsidy of your own! We suggest a full subsidy to all essential workers, such as grocery store clerks and nurses.
  • Provide a parking space in a premier location and at an unbeatable price (free!).