Move Redmond Open Streets Festival

2023 Open Streets Festival Reflection

Move Redmond’s third annual Open Streets Festival was our biggest event ever!

At Move Redmond, our goal for the festival has been to create a space on the Eastside to celebrate inclusive streets through active transportation, movement, and community engagement. This event not only instills civic pride but also provides community members access to resources and information, all in the spirit of a free, family friendly gathering. The festival fosters countless community connections and plants the seeds of positive change on the Eastside. While we eagerly look forward to the full impact, we are humbled to see the Open Streets Festival has already become a beloved mainstay of the Redmond community calendar. We look forward to expanding this event series in the coming year to leverage the East Link Starter Line.

2023 Open Streets Festival


Move Redmond took a collaborative approach in organizing our Open Streets Festival by actively engaging with local businesses and youth performers. We recognize that the success of such events hinges on community partnership.

2023 Open Streets Festival Programming

Sponsor Move Redmond 2024 Open Streets Festival

Move Redmond 2024 Open Streets Festival is currently seeking sponsors! Sponsoring our Open Streets Festival is an opportunity to showcase your commitment to community engagement and fuel this fun, family-friendly event that builds community and celebrates walking, biking, and rolling! As sponsor, you’ll play a pivotal role in creating an inclusive and memorable event that brings people together. Your sponsorship will not only contribute to the success of the festival but leave a lasting impacting to the communities we serve.

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Snag a spot at our 2024 Open Streets Festivals

Community partnership fuels Move Redmond Open Streets Festival and provides great exposure for your organization. It is an amazing way to connect with families and community members in Puget Sound. We encourage all of our booths to have an engaging element! 

Applications to Move Redmond Open Streets Festivals will open soon! Come back to this page for more updates.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers make our Move Redmond Open Streets Festival possible! We will have loads of low impact shifts and opportunities to help out during the event. Additional information is available soon  where you can sign up for one or multiple shifts. Come back to this page for more updates. Thank you in advance for your consideration, and desire to be a part of the event!

Vision for 2024

With the East Link Starter Line opening in March of 2024, Move Redmond will host a fresh event at the newly-opened Esterra Park in June, during Ride Transit Month where we will be activating the new Overlake Village Station and celebrating community access, culture, and transit. We can’t enact this vision without the support of our sponsors. This is your chance to be a part of history to ensure the success of both the new Open Streets Event in Overlake and our established Open Streets Festival in Downtown Redmond, and shape the character and feel of this transit-oriented community.

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Open Streets Festival Sponsorship Report

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Health & Safety

Covid-19 precautions: Community safety is the highest priority for our team. We will be in compliance with all guidance from the CDC and the Washington State Public Health Department. If you are experiencing any symptoms of Coivid-19 the day of the event please stay home.

To support health and safety we will be taking the following measures:

  • Encourage mask use, with masks available for those who need them
  • Have hand sanitizer stations throughout the event
  • Limit participation at activities to maintain social distance


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