Tour de Redmond Challenge is Up and Riding!

We’re on two wheels, baby!

Welcome to the first full week of Tour de Redmond!
Thank you to all who’ve already signed up for Tour de Redmond Summer Bicycle Commute Challenge! Make sure to log all of your bicycle commutes during the month of June and July and to encourage your friends and coworkers to ditch their cars in favor of two wheels to have fun, stay active, and save the environment all while commuting to work. We still want to see more riders! Tell everyone you know to sign up now!


Weekly Challenge
Throughout Tour de Redmond 2018 we will be awarding prizes weekly. The challenge runs Monday through Sundays and a winner will be selected from qualifying participants each week. The full list of weekly challenges can be found on the Home page of the Tour de Redmond challenge.


We’ve had a ton of the same questions! Here is a helpful guide to answer all of your Tour de Redmond queries:

  • How do I create a team? On the ‘Tour de Redmond’ tab click the green ‘Create Team’ button to create your team. (Next step is to add the Tour de Redmond Captains Social to your calendar!)
  • How do I add team members? Invite others to join your team by clicking ‘Copy Team URL’ and sharing that link with your team members.
  • How do I join a team? Reach out to team captain or leaders at your worksite to have them invite you to their team.
  • What type of trips can I log? Tour de Redmond is a commute challenge meaning trips from home to your office or other place of work are eligible for the challenge.
  • How do I connect to Strava? Details on how to connect can be found here.
  • Where do I see the rider and team statistics? View the stats on the Leaderboard


Have other questions? Contact

Happy riding!